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March 6, 2008 / Bo Mackison

Trumpeter Swan

Resting Trumpeter Swan

Milwaukee County Zoo
Milwaukee, WI


  1. Pat Denino / Mar 6 2008 6:47 am

    I tried cropping it, too, but removing from the right loses the neck curve, removing from the left removes some of the pillow-like softness of the swan’s back. I think it’s fine just as it is. If it were my photo, I’d leave it just as is, and wish I could snuggle up on the swan’s back/wing amongst the feathers!

  2. Gandalf / Mar 6 2008 6:56 am

    I’m no expert on composition, but it looks great to me. I’m amazed at the detail in the photo. I can see the individual feathers and water drops on them. Wow!!!

  3. Robin / Mar 6 2008 8:07 am

    I think it’s a pretty amazing photo, and like it as it is. Not that I’m an expert or anything. Just saying. 🙂

  4. Anna Surface / Mar 6 2008 8:47 am

    To me, it is perfect the way it is, Barbara. Beautiful curves in this composition and gives the swan such a sweetness and purity. There is the right amount of background to give ‘head room’ and to contrast the swan in its details. Excellent! A great capture as it is.

  5. HeyJules / Mar 6 2008 11:25 am

    Well, it is truly beautiful the way it is but one other option would have been to get a little more feathered area in the left foreground, moving the head further back to the right corner, letting the eye be off center and seeing more white feathers in the front against that black beak.

    Just a thought…

  6. ankush / Mar 6 2008 1:50 pm

    wow, this is an awesome shot. love the contrast with the black background. beautiful composition as well.

  7. jpt / Mar 6 2008 3:55 pm

    i like when you toe the line between traditional and abstract

  8. barbara / Mar 6 2008 4:43 pm

    Pat ~ I think you are right, and I’d like a soft bed of feathers right now myself.

    gandalf ~ i’m always amazed at the detail, too.

    robin ~ sometimes there IS an element of luck 😉

    anna ~ swans are beautiful to capture. First time I’ve ever shot them

    jules ~ thanks, I can see the frame you describe.

    ankush ~ thanks

    jpt ~ your comments always make me think, sometimes even go back and look at the photo to see what I have done that you see.

  9. mon@rch / Mar 6 2008 8:51 pm

    these are such stunning birds and a great photo of each of it’s feathers!

  10. jeanabaena / Mar 6 2008 9:02 pm

    wow. i love the texture in the background and the tiny drops of water.

  11. Nicole / Mar 7 2008 3:33 am

    Nope, I think it works perfect like this.
    Love the single visible droplets!
    Maybe you could highlight it a bit to get the white out better?

  12. ladypercy / Mar 7 2008 3:30 pm

    I love that you can even see the water drops on the swan.

  13. Preston Surface / Mar 7 2008 6:52 pm

    The swan is a lovely creature and you did a great job of capturing it’s beauty.

  14. Lesley Smitheringale / Mar 8 2008 1:13 am

    I like it just the way it is and it is an impressive portrait.

  15. organicsyes / Mar 8 2008 6:58 pm

    Oh wow…love this shot!

  16. aullori / Mar 10 2008 1:20 pm

    No way… this is perfection!

  17. barbara / Mar 10 2008 9:25 pm

    mon@rch ~ there feathers are impressive, yes?
    jeanne, nicole, lady ~ I was amazed at those water droplets, too.
    preston ~ thanks, easy to capture when the beauty is already there.
    lesley ~ thanks for your kind words, I appreciate your comments
    susan ~ yeah, wow! pretty, huh?
    lori ~ thanks

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