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March 3, 2008 / Bo Mackison

Industrial Strength Sunrise

This is not a typical sunrise, but this will have to do as my sunrise of the day. And maybe yours, too. (Sunrise du Jour?)

After months of below freezing weather and record breaking snowfall, the temperatures crawled into the mid 40s Sunday. Heat wave, I know. But Mother Nature knows I’ve been on her case and she isn’t ready to play nice quite yet. So we are having heavy thunderstorms as I write this in the middle of the night, actually early Monday morning, and the temps are dropping. Of course!

Guaranteed frozen winter-land in the morning! Ice skating roads and overloaded tree branches. 100% guaranteed!

Anyway. Wherever you have landed on this mystifying revolving orb, enjoy your sunrise and the day it promises. And if you need to borrow my industrial-strength sunrise this morning, by all means. Feel free. Any way you look at it, it’s a good thing.

When you see day break, it’s a definite sign you’ve made it through one more night. And that. my friends, is a very good thing.


  1. Anna Surface / Mar 3 2008 8:26 am

    I like that–“Industrial Strength Sunrise.” Indeed. Yes, we had a warmup, then thunderstorms and followed by more cold with some ice and snow.

    I like what you shared: “When you see day break, it’s a definite sign you’ve made it through one more night. And that. my friends, is a very good thing.” Yes. Nice photo and writing, Barbara. A ray of sunshine. 🙂

  2. Gandalf / Mar 3 2008 9:13 am

    Nice lines and color, but by any chance do you have any Industrial Strength Snow?

  3. rainmountain / Mar 3 2008 9:44 am

    LOL, it’s close to bedtime here and our sunrise wasn’t really worth the while today 😉
    Hazy and blah.
    Headache weather and bad for people with Asthma :S

    Love your artificial sunrise though 😀
    Very innovative :)!

  4. Robin / Mar 3 2008 9:45 am

    I like the warmth and colors in this photo. Very nice. 🙂

    We have sunshine here today, but it’s going to be followed by rain and then snow and another freeze. That’s March for ya.

  5. Heyjules / Mar 3 2008 9:56 am

    We got the same stuff last night but after being in the 60’s and 70’s all weekend we managed to keep it all in the rain catagory. It’s only 27 today, though, and I can’t tell you how disappointing that is after having it be 72!

  6. Aiyana / Mar 3 2008 10:47 am

    Hi Barbara,
    You are welcome to use the Euphorbia obesa photo. Good luck,

  7. montucky / Mar 3 2008 11:32 am

    Thanks for the sunrise! We are having a light snow instead of a sunrise this morning too.

  8. mon@rch / Mar 3 2008 7:48 pm

    The warmer sunrise temperatures have been very much needed! Thanks for sharing your interesting photo!

  9. davidlind / Mar 4 2008 3:57 am

    This is just a mind boggling concept. I love it.

  10. ankush / Mar 4 2008 2:42 pm

    nice image and title

  11. barbara / Mar 10 2008 9:10 pm

    To all,

    Thanks for the comments. Sounds like everyone needed some of this industrial strength sunshine in place of the real thing that seems to have disappeared. 🙂

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